Jack Jackels has made a well respected name for himself in the jewelry industry by buying and selling one of a kind beautiful estate jewelry pieces for over 40 years.  Jack is a certified gemologist and knows how to find amazing designer pieces for great prices!  We have designer, custom made jewelry as well as fine watches from companies like Rolex, Concord, Brietling, Omega, and Cartier.  Jack has been on DIRECTV, DISH, Spectrum, Fios, and many other live broadcast services!  Check out our show times page for more details!


​       Through our esteemed relationships and by bringing the deals DIRECTLY to our viewers, we are able to offer the BEST prices on high-end, designer, one-of-a-kind estate jewelry as well as some modern pieces.  

        Jack Jackels has been in the industry for a long time, having a loyal customer base for over two decades, they have continued to prove that they are worthy of your time, effort, and sales.  Go ahead, try us out!  We offer a 14 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.  

       We are also able to boast one of the lowest return rates in the home shopping network industry, and that is in part due to our excellent values, detailed descriptions, timely deliveries, and priority customer service.   You won't be disappointed!  

      Call 855-474-6778 and leave us a message describing your interests, requests, offers, or any service questions we can assist you with. 

Meet our Hosts

Jack Jackels

Our Customers

       For collectors or jewelry Connoisseurs, this is the best place to shop for exquisite items.  Where buyers all meet and congregate and have a good time.  Where bartering is not frowned upon but encouraged.  Our customers are excited to interact and make requests, offers, and quickly register for free.


Other Products
We not only specialize in great quality fine estate pieces but we also deal with an enormous variety of Gold, Platinum, and other precious metal jewelry.  We are also very familiar with fine watches, ranging from Rolexes to Concords to Patek Phillipes, Brietlings, and more.